1) X-World centers around the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The Academy answers directly to the Academy Director and the Senior Staff. Each team answers to their Team Leader (TL), who in turn answers to the rest of the Senior Staff. Going over people’s heads is not appreciated, nor tolerated in most cases. If there is a SERIOUS problem between a simmer and their TL that has not been resolved by mature communication, THEN and only then you may come to someone higher.


2) You may curse in moderation, but ONLY in character, and be sensible about it. Nobody appreciates listening to endless cussing, whether your character is a rough, tough, ex-Navy Seal or not.


3) If you are not sure what you are doing, ask someone, preferably a Senior Staff member (CinC, DCinC, Team Leaders, and Directors of Academy, Applications, etc). Academy students, if you receive a suggestion from the leader of the session, it would be wise to take it. They’re given for a reason.


4) Avoid getting into non-sim fights with other members. Most unpleasantness can be avoided. If you don’t like someone, don’t talk to them, don’t harass them, and don’t provoke them. If in-fighting gets to such a serious level that it becomes a distraction to other members, it is a suspendable offense. Believe me, it's happened.


5) Go with the story plot and do not change/bypass/attempt to retcon it. If you would like suggest a change of the plot (the leader's outline) in any way, you must request and specify the changes to the Team Leader. Any other major changes or additions you think of during the sim should be messaged ( /msg ) to your Leader as well. It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to keep the plot organized and moving along, and they are by no means bound to honor your requests.


6) Only a Team Leader or Academy Director may use the ACTION> and SCENE> commands to direct the plot. When either of these commands are given, team members are to respond according to their character personalities and abilities. ACTION> commands are meant to be used in simming, not in #Alliance. If you want to spar with someone, set up another room and do so.


7) NO GOD-LIKE or OMNIPOTENT characters (example- Nate Grey) are allowed in regular play, but may make an occasional guest appearance as part of a plot. Do not choose one of these for your main character. If everyone's problems can be solved in the blink of the eye, it makes for a very short and pointless sim. If you are having trouble making a character, check out the character HANDBOOK or ask one of us for suggestions.


8) Team Leaders have the option of choosing a Deputy Leader (DL). If the TL chooses to do so, the DL may act as a stand-in if the TL cannot make their sim, and may lead the sim in their place.


9) All new players must first attend the X-World Academy before becoming a regular team member. To learn about the academy, visit the ACADEMY section. Students in the academy may under no circumstances sim on official X-World teams until graduation. Please do not ask TLs to reserve spots on their team for you before you’ve graduated, it’s against the rules. If you feel that you’ve been given no opening to get on any team, or have limiting circumstances that only allow you to attend one sim’s time, please speak to the TL. They’re reasonable people.


10) Only X-World members (those who have sent in applications which have been approved) may participate in X-World funsims. It is ADVISED that those who are new to ASG wait until at least one academy session is completed before funsimming. If your actions become disruptive, you may be asked to stop or devoiced.


11) Any team leader reserves the right to drop any simmer from their roster for missing more than two sims in a row if no reason or warning by email or verbal communication is given. Usually, this rule may come into effect if a team is full with a waiting list, and you are the simmer who misses every other sim. However, even on a team which is not full, if your absenses become highly disruptive to the plot, you may be removed.


12) All characters which will be used on an official team must be authorized by the Applications Director. All characters, old and new, are subject to the App Director’s inspection in order to ensure simming balance. Please do not come up with a new character every three days. Constant harassment of the director does not help the likelihood of your character getting passed. If you genuinely feel as though you had a solid character AND that the reasons for denial (which you should have received in an e-mail) were unfounded and biased, speak to the CinC or DCinC. Trite complaining will be ignored.


13) If a GRADUATED member of X-World wishes to use an established comic character for a team, they are urged to attended a number of Academy sims to get a better handle on that character before attending an official sim. No one wants to have to stop and tell you in the middle of the sim that your portrayal of the character is completely off. If you’re not certain about the character, stick with one you know.


14) All channels associated with X-World must remain open to any who wish to observe. The channels may be moderated to ensure smooth simming, but must remain open to the general public to observe if they so wish. Do not kick or ban anyone unless they have committed an offense. Offenses may include incessant messaging of simmers and other distractions, but at least one WARNING kick is required before someone is banned. The only exception to this rule are private meetings, which are not generally open to anyone but TLs or senior staff.


15) X-World Staff is currently not enforcing a limitation on the number of sim characters one person may have. If room on teams becomes a problem, a rule will have to go into effect, so please, be considerate. TLs- if there is one spot open on your team, and two members wanting in, please take into mind if someone is only able to make one or two sims, and the other person is on 6 different teams.


16) Each team is limited to a maximum of 13 members, which includes the team leader. If the TL feels the need to enlist aid from a non-member as a guest-villain, that does not count toward the limit.


17) X-World Teams are not allowed to alter the current state of the X-World continuity with out explicit consent from all X-World Team leaders, CinC, and DCinC. This means no bringing back Xavier, killing the president, destroying the moon, or turning everyone on Earth into mutants without talking about it first. We do have crossovers and such events, and we like to act as though we’re all in the same universe and know what’s going on. The major exceptions to this are the alter-reality teams, A-Next, Morlocks 2099, Age of Apocalypse, and Ultimate X-Men.


18) X-World Team Leaders are required to construct and maintain a webpage for their team. They must also use the official X-World banner on their main page, and link it to X-World's main page. If a TL is not webbingly inclined, there are a number of us around here who are.  Get it done.


19) X-World Team Leaders are required to create and maintain a waiting list for full X-World members which wish to sim on a particular team that is already full. This is not a Buddy List. Earliest requests should get priority, but take into account individual situations such as internet access. Remember, if team limits become a problem, let the CinC know and some limits may be implemented.




In summary, BREAKING RULES! They’re there to be followed.

Intentionally disrupting sims or meetings on several occasions.

Disrupting X-World as a whole. (ie. can't seem to get along with anyone in X-World, provoking other simmers, etc.)

Not listening to your sim leader, CinC, or DCinC. (ie. arguing back, doing something you were specifically told NOT to do, etc.)

Attempting to undermine your leader's authority. (i.e. going to ASG commanders to graduate from academy, going over your team leader to the CinC or DCinC for whatever reasons after they have said no, etc.)

A suspension may last anywhere from one week to indefinitely. A suspension includes all X-World activities, such as team sims, funsims, any meetings, or any votes.

The CinC and DCinC, collectively, reserve the right to suspend anyone (even if the rule is not explicitly stated) they feel is adversely effecting or endangering X-World as a whole.




Continually violating anything that can get you suspended.

Particularly malicious slander towards ANY alliance member. There is no toleration of any such behavior from an X-World member. ASG as a whole may also take action, separate from X-World.

The CinC and DCinC, collectively, reserve the right to ban anyone (even if the rule is not explicitly stated) they feel is adversely effecting or endangering X-World as a whole.

YOU WILL BE GIVEN FEW WARNINGS! YOU HAVE READ THE RULES, AND SHOULD FOLLOW THEM. IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE. IF YOU AREN'T SURE IF YOU MIGHT BE BREAKING A RULE, ASK! Asking if you are/might be breaking a rule will not get you suspended, as long as you don't follow through with an action that is deemed illegal.
The CinC and DCinC, collectively, reserve the right to change any of the rules stated above or add to any of the rules stated above.
If there is a necessity for a new rule, the offender (if it is a 'reaction' rule) will get one warning. Note: Sucking up is not appreciated by anyone. Don't even try it.