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Astral theory:

Psionics in General-

All of the following are generally considered variations of psi energy. Psionic energy is somewhat ambiguous in nature, with some maintaining that it is part of the EM (electromagnetic) spectrum, and others insisting that it is an entirely different type of energy. Since the EM theory makes more sense, that has been used as the basis for this work. A main point for the EM theory is the fact that Magneto’s disruption of Earth’s EM field (occurring during the early years of the X-Men) also caused many high-level telepaths to no longer be capable of the long-distance communication they were accustomed to. Effects of the disruption seem to have faded, or else more recent psis simply have grown used to the changed nature of the field.

The EM energy referred to as psi-energy is generated by all known biological lifeforms, both from mental activity and biological functions, as well as having resonant points generated within inanimate matter.

The Astral Plane-

The nature of the astral plane is the source of much controversy. Under the theory in use here, telekinesis is considered a psionic ability, but others do not consider it such, because they define all psionic powers as being linked through the astral plane.

The theory used here is that the astral plane is a higher dimension of this reality, consisting of EM energy that has been generated by the masses of minds who have existed. Telepathy is linked through the astral plane, allowing mind to interact with mind, and the physical plane often reflects the usage of telepathy through energy manifestations (glowing, sparks, etc). Telekinesis is linked through a different range of the astral plane, allowing the mind to interact with the EM energy given off and altered by every physical object, also often manifesting on the physical plane with eerie glowing or energy bursts, much like telepathy.

The astral plane is subject to different laws of time and space than the physical plane. An object need not travel thousands of miles in the astral plane to reach a certain point, since much depends simply on perception, and how adept one is at altering the astral plane. Time seems to exist, yet an astral confrontation may appear to last days to the participants, while only a few seconds of physical time have passed.


Telekinesis involves direct interaction between the mind or telekinetic energy generated by one individual and the EM energy given off by the matter around them. This psi ability is seen in ranges from spoon-bending, to lifting buildings from their foundations, to altering structures at an atomic level. The recorded ‘creation’ abilities of some mutants are most likely not true creation of matter from nothing, but some sort of alteration of existing matter. Mutants such as Mikhail exhibit matter alteration at an extremely high level. Most telekinetics are in the spoon-bending to car-lifting range, with a few strong exceptions.


Telepathy involves direct interaction between the mind or telepathic energy generated by one individual and the mind or telepathic energy generated by another. At the highest level, telepathy can allow direct control of another individual’s mind and body, while at the lowest levels, tp can register only as a vague sense of others’ emotions (see Empathy). Control of others’ minds is a difficult tactic, usually avoided as a violation of rights. Few telepaths seem to specialize in this area (example- Shadow King, also Karma). Extremely detailed illusory effects can be achieved by some (example- Mastermind, also Mirage), but most mid- to high-level telepaths can generate some sort of illusion by causing a subject to hear/see something which does not exist, or to ignore something as if it did not exist. Some telepaths maintain that physical contact with the subject causes a far higher success of the illusion than they would otherwise have, but there is little proof. Range does have effect, however, as when a telepath seeks to ‘read’ someone’s thoughts, physical nearness is an asset. Telepaths can also often sense and control the astral plane to a certain extent, as well as project an astral form to another location (example- Scanner). Astral projection is a method of viewing people or events apart from one’s body, and usually does not involve any ability to interact physically with surroundings, unless telekinesis is involved.


Technopathy is a somewhat rare variation of telepathy, allowing one to ‘communicate’ directly with computers and other technological systems through the electrical frequencies and circuit patterns formed by complex electronics (example- Siege I, also Milan).

Animal/plant control-

Animal control is usually achieved through a variation of telepathy/empathy influencing the less developed mind of the animal (example- Skylark). It can also occur through use of pheromones and chemical discharges given off by the mutant, which does not involve any form of telepathic communication. Plant control is considered to be a variation of telepathy resonating on a level or wavelength detected by plant life (example- Hybrid II).


Empathy, while virtually identical to telepathy in definition, functions on a different level, dealing with emotions and feelings rather than actual thoughts. Some empaths are able to merely obtain a vague idea of their surrounding emotional atmosphere, while others are so highly keyed they function as emotional barometers, reacting to what they sense empathetically around them (example- Myriad), and still others have finely tuned control, enabling them to twist and affect others’ emotions (example- Empath). Often, empathy and telepathy are combined in an individual, rather than strictly one form or the other.


Mental shielding takes several forms, the most prevalent being psi-shields and tk shields. As both telepathy and telekinesis are psi-energy, both types of shielding are quite similar, yet have far different effects. Much as visible light occurs in a spectrum from red to violet, and a glass that absorbs red light may let blue light pass through, tk shields are tuned to block the energy of telekinesis, and psi-shields are tuned to block the less physical energy of telepathy. Many individuals, non-mutants and mutants alike, have a certain level of mental shielding that provides a small amount of resistance to telepathic and empathic intrusions, but some few have such heavy natural shields that even a skilled telepath may have trouble picking up any ‘reading’ from their minds.

Other forms of psionic energy-

Some mutants use a difficult-to-define variation lying somewhere between telepathy and telekinesis, as it can affect both minds and matter. Psylocke’s psionic knife tends toward telepathy, as it is a physical manifestation of a telepathic effect, disrupting the mind of the victim it comes in contact with. Very similar to this is the psi-bolt some telepaths are able to generate (example- Emma Frost). While the psi-bolt disrupts the mind, it apparently causes a considerable impact physically as well. This may be caused by some element of telekinesis in the mutant generating the psi-bolt, but it may be simply a third classification of psi-energy, or untuned forms of the other two. More chaotic and unpredictable in manifestation (example- Chamber, also Unuscione), this raw energy could be the source of both finely directed telepathy and firmly controlled telekinesis.


Clairvoyance involves seeing the future or distant events through various methods. Some clairvoyants (example- Destiny) are able to sense future possibilities to a considerable extent, while others have only mildly clairvoyant trigger-senses (example- Spider-Man) that warn them of impending danger.


Psychometry is rarely seen, although that may be due to a lack of easily recorded characteristics, rather than a lack of psychometric ability. The ability itself is usually triggered through the tactile sense, allowing the possessor of the ability to sense various psionic resonances associated with an object’s history, from vivid scenes to vague impressions.


Teleportation and Spatial Displacement:

Teleportation exists in many different forms. The main types are astral teleportation, spatial rifting, and dimensional/temporal displacement. Astral teleportation requires a certain amount of interaction with various levels of the astral plane itself, as it involves generating an astral portal, transmuting the body or physical form into high-level EM energy, ‘moving’ through the astral plane (using it as a medium to transport the energy to a new physical location), generating the ‘other end’ of the astral portal, and then returning the body to its physical state (example- Edge, Journeystar. Some astral teleporters are able to prolong their stay in the astral plane to a certain extent, while others do no more than a split-second transfer of energy. Furthermore, some astral teleporters are able to transmute only themselves or something/someone with whom they are in immediate contact, while others are capable of forming more stationary portals and allowing others to walk through.

Spatial rifting and distortion, and dimensional/temporal displacement are difficult to separately define. Most cases seem to have a combination of both, allowing them to disrupt molecular structure, ‘port from one location (temporal, spatial, or dimensional) to another instantaneously, and many other functions. Blink, for example, is apparently capable of spatial teleportation, as well as a chaotic disruption of structures, and possibly dimensional jumps. Unlike an astral teleport, Blink’s variety is instantaneous, with no transferal time, as if a door has simply been cut into the fabric of reality, and twisted around so the other side opens onto a completely different location.  Nightcrawler, on the other hand, has an obvious form of dimensional teleportation, transferring himself from this dimension into a different dimension he calls the Darkforce dimension, and back.  The atmospheric conditions of this Darkforce dimension are what cause his trademark 'brimstone' scent that accompanies each "bamf".

Another case, Shadowcat, is not a teleporter by strict definition, yet uses a form of dimensional displacement which allows her to move out of "phase" with her surroundings.  This ability lets her phase through solid objects by passing her own atoms between the atoms of another object.

The late Illyana Rasputin was the most clear-cut dimensional/temporal teleporter in existence. Her portals, "stepping disks", as she termed them, allowed her to move from her dimension to Limbo, then back to whatever location she chose. However, her ties to Limbo through magic forces make it unclear whether the transfer would be possible without the "in-between" step of Limbo.

Lila Cheney appears to be a spatial teleporter, but seems to be capable of only vast interstellar jumps, for unknown reasons. Also unclear is whether or not she is required to transmute her form to some type of energy to make the jump, or if it is as instantaneous as Blink’s.




Cryokinetic abilities involve the removal of heat (kinetic energy) from one’s surroundings, usually plunging an object’s temperature to below-freezing levels. Iceman, a cryokinetic, also has an element of hydrokinesis in his power, allowing him to gather water molecules from the surrounding atmosphere before freezing them.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to generate and/or control extreme heat. Some pyrokinetics, while able to generate bursts of heat energy (example- Jubilee), cannot control that heat discharge to any great extent, while others (example- Pyro) can only control heat that has been generated by an outside source. Most pyrokinetics are able to draw the energy to generate heat from various sources—some have adjusted metabolic processes, while others gather heat from their surroundings (closely linked to cryokinesis).

Potential-kinetic energy conversion-

Some mutants have powers seemingly related to thermokinetics, as they are able to change the state of energy within matter from potential to kinetic, or vice versa. As seen in Gambit’s ‘charging’ powers, the potential energy within an object is converted to kinetic energy, which is released in explosions. At his current skill levels, reverting kinetic energy to potential energy appears to be impossible, but this may be a facet of his powers he has simply not explored.


Other Elemental/Energy Variations:

Elemental powers-

A common thread between geokinetics, hydrokinetics, pyrokinetics, and other ‘elemental’ type powers, is the often exhibited ability to transmute the body into the ‘element’ under one’s control. Torrent has shown the ability to transform his body into water, much as Iceman can transform his body into ice, Dante becomes flame, and Magma changes into living rock and lava. This may be a part of elemental abilities, or a form of matter alteration (see telekinesis).

Weather manipulation-

Some mutants are able to control weather patterns or winds (example- Storm, Current). This ability could involve a certain level of EM manipulation, as weather patterns can be largely affected by the EM field, but it is not always directly linked.  There is also a theory that explains weather control as a specialized form of telekinesis, allowing the wielder to increase and decrease air pressure, gather moisture, etc.   Few control as wide a range of weather as Storm, partly due to her high power levels, and partly due to her years of practice.


This ability can be defined in several ways, either strictly as the manipulation of earth and rock, or as the generation of earthquake-like force waves. Although the two can both be termed geokinesis, they are by no means the same ability. Manipulation of earth and rock (example- Magma) seems to be a much rarer power than kinetic force waves (example- Takillya, also Rictor). Force waves causing earthquake-like disruption are not limited to earth and rock in their effects, having an almost telekinetic effect (depending on the skill and power levels of their possessor).


Several possessors of hydrokinetic abilities have appeared (example- Torrent, Iceman), with a wide range between the effects of their abilities. Some are capable of controlling large amounts of water, gathering and shaping it, while some simply have hydrokinesis as a minor aspect of their power.

Electro-Magnetic Manipulation-

Magneto being the most obvious of those who control the EM field, the others are somewhat overshadowed by the extreme level of power he wields. While most are unable to disrupt Earth’s entire EM field, some are quite adept at manipulation of various aspects of it. Polaris controls magnetic force, much like Magneto. Sienna Blaze teleports using the EM field (see Astral Teleportation), although she uses a lower level of EM than the astral plane. Electrokinetics are also a branch of EM manipulators (example- Voltage) who are able to control or generate various levels of electric energy.

Sonic Force-

Sonic waves are used in a number of different ways, from providing a disorienting effect to serving as forceful blasts, and they are most commonly produced vocally (example- Banshee, Harmony) although some are produced in other ways (example- Reverb).


Physical Mutations:


Feral mutations usually involve enhanced senses, elongated fangs and claw-like fingernails, and (less commonly) fur, pointed ears, or a tail (example- Sabretooth, Wildchild, Sheeba). Wolverine’s regression after losing the adamantium bonded to his skeleton also accentuated the feral aspects of his mutation. Many ferals seem to be particularly susceptible to animalistic behavior and/or psychological imbalances, although this is by no means true of all. Also appearing in several ferals is a high-speed healing factor, which may also be linked to their feral nature.


(human/animal): Shapeshifters such as Mystique exhibit extremely versatile abilities, allowing them to use virtually any human or near-human form, while others are more specialized, such as lycanthropic shapeshifters (example- Wolfsbane) and other weres (example- Catseye, Peregrine).

(material): Metamorphs come in many variations, often able to mimic human forms as easily as Mystique and Changeling. The key difference, however, shows in those who are able to become virtually any substance (example- Husk). Tactile metamorphs such as Mondo are capable of becoming almost anything they touch, and often can combine with or absorb the original substance. Mutants such as Colossus, Cryz, and Hazard are apparently able to transform their bodies into specific materials, although it is unclear whether these powers are metamorphic or a form of specialized matter alteration (see telekinesis).


Strength and agility are often seen in conjunction with feral mutations, but they do appear separately. Strength can appear as either bulky muscular development (example- Sabretooth) , or normal build (example- Rogue). Invulnerability rarely appears alone, usually being a cause of some other event (cosmic radiation suffered by Ms. Marvel, then stolen by Rogue’s unique physiology, also Penance’s diamond-hard skin), and even then it is never absolute. Agility can range from meta-human reflexes to unusual flexibility or acrobatic skill (example- Beast).


Mutant Power and Energy Affectors:


Only two mutants have been recorded with this specific ability of mimicking another’s abilities or physical appearance without any draining of energy, life, or powers from the subject-- Synch and Mimic. Synch’s abilities function through a bio-aura that surrounds his body, then changes his physiology to mimic that of nearby mutants. Mimic was the subject of experimentation, and does not fall under the classification of mutant, technically.

Energy draining-

There are a number of variations on energy vampires--from Rogue and Emplate, who drain energy and mimic the physiology of their victims, to Crave, who requires life-energy from outside sources to live and gains strength and agility from the drain, to Selene, who attacks others to drain their psionic energy.  Note--vampirism in the classical sense, draining blood from a victim to feed, is not a mutant power.  True vampires are essentially a branch race developed from homo sapiens, not a randomly occurring mutation within the human population.

Power nullification-

Some mutants’ power is to project a type of field that overrides the part of the brain that controls and activates mutant abilities (example- Leech). An after-effect of Rogue’s power, however, also leaves her victim drained of consciously activated and energy-based powers. Both types of nullification seem to have little or no effect on powers that are not consciously activated or controlled, especially permanent physical mutations.



Modified physical structure-

Wings allow flight in several variations, from an avian type (example- Angel), with feathered wings and (often) hollow bones, to a reptilian type (example- Hiss), with bat-like wings. Either type can be excessively mutated, or almost human in appearance. Inexplicably, wing mutations often appear with no relation to the physical structure of any avian or reptile on earth, with a third set of limbs beyond the usual arms and legs, that have been modified into the wing structure, while in other rarer cases, the arms are the modified set of limbs.

Unmodified physical structure-

Usually, flight without wings is a result of some other aspect of a power. Most telekinetics are capable of ‘flight’ by propelling themselves telekinetically, and weather manipulators are sometimes able to ‘ride’ the winds they summon. However, the cosmic energy absorbed by Ms. Marvel allows flight, and Cannonball is propelled by the explosive thermo-chemical reactions he generates.


Speed powers seem to appear in two types, true speed, with its accompanying metabolic changes, and speed which is reached by some flight-capable mutants (example- Northstar, also Rogue). Mutants such as Quicksilver and Pegasus demonstrate complete acceleration of all their physiological functions, allowing them to not only move at extremely high velocities, but enhancing the speed at which their brains work, and how quickly their reflexes react. A side effect of high-speed brain function causes some telepathic immunity, as thoughts cross neural pathways so quickly that an average telepath senses little but gibberish, being unable to absorb the material at the rate which it is being presented. Quicksilver has been known to reach speeds enabling him to run across the surface of ocean water, but the exact speeds such mutants are often unknown, due to the difficulty of clocking something which moves too quickly for the eye to register.

Matter Producers:

Foreign substance production-

Some mutants are capable of producing substances otherwise not found in the human body, within their own. Vindaloo, for example, generates a highly flammable gel, which he also ignites (see pyrokinesis), and the Toad is able to secrete toxic serum from his skin.

Excess natural substance production-

In other cases, such as Skin, skin cell production has been drastically over-stimulated, giving him approximately 6-9 cubic feet beyond the norm. Another, Marrow, produces bone material at an extremely fast rate, while Wolverine has bone ‘claws’ growing from his forearms. Blob may be considered to have excess fat production, but he also is quite strong, whether from mutant abilities or sheer size. Pheromone and chemical emitters are sometimes capable of influencing others’ behavior through an almost empathic effect (example- Euphoria).  A quite different variation would be Multiple Man, who is able to generate entire duplicates of his own body.

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