Please read the following guidelines thoroughly.  Ignorance is not an excuse.

For all teams:

1) Players may not use certain villains as characters.  Magneto, Apocalypse, and Mr. Sinister are prime examples of characters that will not be allowed as regular timeline sim characters.  Other villains may be allowed, but you'd better have a GOOD explanation for their reform (and for why they'd join that particular team), and don't be surprised if it's still not allowed.

2) Magical characters and any abilities relating to magic are not encouraged, however if your TL does not oppose you using a magical character for that particular team, it may be allowed.  Please, limit yourself so we don't have to.

3) No special equipment is allowed unless there is dire need for it and a plausible explanation is provided. So leave all rocket launchers, machine guns, nuclear missiles, hyper photon blaster cannons, Bat-belts, lightsabers, battle-axes etc. at home. This isn't that kind of sim.

4) All characters deemed excessively powerful will not be allowed. This applies to both established Marvel characters as well as those created by players. Characters such as Franklin Richards, Nate Grey, Gladiator, Dark Phoenix, etc. will not be allowed. Though it may be fun for you (for about a whole 2 sims) to kick everyone's butt with the bat of an eyelash, it certainly isn't fun for the rest of the players and the sim leader. Too many conflicts occur.

5) Please try to limit your character to one power only, or one class of powers, if they're a logical combination. Example: super strength and increased durability, telepathy and telekinesis. When creating a character, don't tack on several different mutant powers haphazardly, such as pairing shape-shifting with pyrokinesis, which have nothing to do with each other. Characters with excessive mutant powers are not allowed. The more powers a character has the less potent each one is.  This includes the scads of characters that have been popping up lately with "darkforce" or various energy forms used to generate anything they want.  So thats a *no* on the swiss army knife mutants.   

6) Players who create characters with powers we feel are too similar to another character's powers, or power types that 15 other X-Worlders already have, will be asked to change their character.

7) Time traveling powers are not allowed. Our continuity is screwed up enough as it is, but we appreciate the thought. If time travel is deemed necessary for the plot, transportation will be provided along with free complimentary beverages and a package of peanuts.  Your character can not be from a alternate timeline, dimension, past, future, present, etc. If you ain't from here, we don't want to know you :) This excludes already established Marvel characters such as Bishop, Cable, etc.

8) Lately, we've been overrun with teenage characters. There's nothing wrong with teenagers (heck, I am one), except many of them are one-dimensional street kids, with the stereotypical "smartass" attitude. Out of the dozens of "smartass, streetwise, anti-authority teenage mutants who can barely contain their enormous power potential," only a couple have been able to carry off the role without coming off as idiotic posers. If you apply for a teenage character, please try to give them some depth and realism (it's unlikely you became a martial arts expert if you grew up on the streets.)  Also, take into account that a teenage mutant hasn't had nearly as much experience with their abilities as an older mutant might, so don't try to claim the character has pinpoint control of every aspect of their power.  It's almost as annoying as the "barely contained enormous power potential" types.

9)  Finances... ahh.  Money is nice, but ENOUGH with the teenage mutant ninja multimillionaires.

10)  It's also handy to have a tech-savvy member on every team, but please, (again refer to #8) some kid who grew up on the streets of Hong Kong is unlikely to have the expertise necessary to hack into top secret government databases and never get caught.

11)  Please be realistic about ties to existing Marvel characters.    Applications which say "Nick Fury's best buddy, Spider-Man's college pal, and Storm's old romantic interest" are highly unlikely to make it past the "Fanboy" stamp.


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